HR Policies and Procedures – Why Your Small Business Should Implement Them

HR Policies and Procedures – Why Your Small Business Should Implement Them

Your greatest investment could cost you the most……your clients, your business and your sanity!

As your business grows, so will your team and it’s when you reach that tipping point that a few simple measures can make a lot of different – and save you a lot of heartache along the way.

HR is often seen as important, but not urgent, and HR policies are often pushed to one side with a vague awareness that they need to be looked at ‘one day’.

What every small business owner must keep in clear view is the global research, in many forms, that clearly show employees everywhere simply want clarity and consistency. And that starts and ends with having a HR framework in place.

HR policies are part of that framework. Where policies explain why we do things, procedures explain how we do them and forms and documents enable us to maintain records.

The starting point with policies is your Code of Conduct, as this sets the culture and behaviours for your team.

Some tips on creating a Code of Conduct:

  • Don’t make it generic;
  • Do identify what’s not negotiable;
  • Don’t go it alone – consult with your employees;
  • Do work out the values – identifying the behaviours that drive the values and add them into the not negotiables.

From a statutory perspective, you also must have HR policies for:

  • Discrimination, bullying and harassment;
  • Performance improvement and disciplinary action;

To make HR policies strong and effective, ensure you:

  • Make them easy to read and understand;
  • Include them in your induction process;
  • Clearly outline consequences;
  • Make them a living breathing part of the organisation to help create your ‘Liveable Business’

Because if you have these foundations in place, then you mitigate the risk to your business and should a situation arise you are more than ready to handle it like a pro!

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